Festival Front Line – Best Director / Between Despair and Hope dir.. Anna Barsukova / Chairman of the jury Ekaterina Golovnya

Interview with participant of the XXV All-Russian Shukshin Festival Anna Barsukova

Winning the Knight Of The Reel Festivals (Russian translation) / Anna Barsukova / Fine Line

Dialogues about culture 25.08.2023 – Fine Line / Anna Barsukova / Yana Barsukova / Natalya Tarasova / Don 24

“Fine Line” at a festival in India

Awarding of the winners at the XXV All-Russian Shukshin Film Festival

Video Author: ANO “HOME CINEMA”


Podcast with the Impact Film Festival (USA):

Private screening of the film “Fine Line” – Rostov-on-Don, School 78

Movie trailer “Fine Line”
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Spring in Sinegorye

The plot of TV-Kolyma-Plus about the film "Between Despair and Hope" A documentary film "Between Hope and Despair" was filmed in Sinegorye (12+)A documentary film "Between Hope and Despair" was filmed in Sinegorye (12+)

Snow is falling… / p. Sinegorye, Magadan Region, April 2022

Worship in the temple, Sinegorye village, Magadan Region / Fine Line

Reka Kolima – Anna Barsukova

The village of Sinegorye 2023 (Filming Between Despair and Hope)

Magadan Region, near the village of Sinegorye – view from the plane