The film was shown at the Rostov College “Fine Line”

8 November at the film club “Rostov Technological College of Service” (GBPOU RO “RTTS”) the film was shown “Fine Line”. Present at the show 34 person. Among the students are students 1-4 courses - future commodity experts, fashion designers, radio mechanics. Among adult viewers: director Sukhenko Andrey Dmitrievich, social teacher, painting teachers, modeling, stories, Russian literature and moderator of the show - Roza Andreevna Barnagyan - educational psychologist and curator of the film club “Step forward”.

“Predict the outcome of events, that happened in our country 30 years ago, Maybe, it was very difficult. But we can arm ourselves with information, shown on the screen and analyze these events from the height of time. This is necessary for, to understand, what can we do today. Me as an author, in my place I make a small contribution to the development of the North. This contribution is to draw attention to the Kolyma hinterland, who have been in need of support for many years”, — Anna Barsukova spoke out as the author of the film.

“When I watched this movie, I had this feeling all the time, that I've already seen it all… Saw here… in the Rostov region.., — the director of the technical school took the floor again. — The ruins of an entire era are very sad to see, but your film is not sad, it's about life! And hope is very felt! At the end of the film you have spring, the plane and even the music are completely different! At the beginning the music was depressing, and in the finale, on the contrary, striving for the light!” — concluded the director of the technical school Andrey Dmitrievich.

“I think exactly the same, — the curator of the film club agreed with the director, — the music is amazing and chosen with deep meaning. Furthermore, I can't remember one scene: when the operator shows a view of the village from above… The camera moves along the main street, on the sides you can see empty windows of non-residential buildings, but it all comes down to the church! And the church is active, live! We saw that services are being held there. So all is not lost, This means that SINEGORYA’S SOUL IS ALIVE!!!”

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