A movie about Sinegorye will be shown in Magadan: Fine Line

For the first time in Magadan there will be several screenings of a film about the village of Sinegorye in the Magadan Region!

(one open to the general public and several internal for educational students)

╰┈➤ Magadan Regional Library named after A.S. Pushkin
Dear readers and guests of our channel! According to your numerous requests 30 September 2023 years in 15:00 the long-awaited open display documentary film “Fine Line” about residents of the village of Sinegorye in the Magadan Region. Free admission.

The partner in organizing the open display is the Magadan Regional Library named after A.. S. Pushkin". Will be present at the film screening everyone interested, and movie hero Ruslan Krysenko, media representatives and guests of honor. After the screening of the film there will be a discussion and a free photo session with the guests of the screening..

Additionally, students of educational institutions will be able to see a documentary about the Kolyma village:
╰┈➤ MOGAPOU "Construction and Technical College"
20 September in 11:00 (Assembly Hall). First and second year students will be present at the screening of the film., education advisor Polyakova Ekaterina Anatolyevna, and distinguished guests.
18 September the screening will take place as part of a class hour for students 2 course specialty "Protection in emergency situations". The curator will be Lina Ivanovna Zavarova.

╰┈➤ MOGAPOU "College of Service and Technology" (KSiT)
3, 4, 5 October (Assembly Hall). Time to be confirmed.
Internal screenings in educational organizations will be held as part of educational and educational events. In addition to students, everyone will be able to come to the show.. To enter an educational institution, you must provide identification and explain the purpose of your visit at the checkpoint. (watching a documentary about Sinegorye).

Note, that Magadan was not chosen by chance as a place to show a film about the town. Sinegorye. For many residents of the Kolyma Territory, this village is Small Motherland.

film reel "Fine Line" successfully demonstrated itself at All-Russian and International film festivals, receiving many awards and positive audience reviews.

Up-to-date information about film screenings is regularly published on official website of the film, and on the Dzen channel.

Additional Information:
filmmaker Anna Barsukova, language. +7 904 505 12 30.

Movie trailer:

“Fine Line” trailer | Fine Line (sub in) trailer

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This project was supported by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Magadan Region as part of the implementation of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises” social entrepreneurship.


Poster for the film "Between Despair and Hope", director Anna Barsukova