Prize “For the sake of peace” presented awards – The Audience Award went to the film about Sinegorye

4 March 2024 year in Moscow at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry the award ceremony for the award winners took place “For the sake of peace” for kindness in art. Movie “Fine Line” received a worthy reward from his viewers – PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD. In her blog, film director Anna Barsukova warmly thanked all voting participants:

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD! What could be more expensive??! We sincerely thank everyone, who voted for our film “Between Despair and Hope” on the “For the Good of the World” award website.
Eventually, we received an award, which is of VERY GREAT VALUE to us! Recall, that according to the results of the audience vote, our film about Sinegorye took 1 place. Thanks to the activity of our viewers, the film received 981 voice and 344 review! THANK YOU FOR THE PUBLIC RECOGNITION OF OUR WORK!
Sincerely, film director Anna Barsukova ❤

‼Thank you @club32642571 (Kindness in the Arts Award “Bless Myra”) for the opportunity for our film to participate in the competition and for the high praise of the film “Fine Line”!