Our cinema in Sevastopol: Fine Line

In Crimea from 21 by 25 October will be held IX Festival of Cinema and Television Films with Spiritual and Moral Content “Saint Vladimir”.
The competition program will feature 11 full-length documentaries, which were selected by members of the organizing committee from 90 submitted works. Among the selected films the film will be shown “Fine Line”.

During the filming of the film, our film crew learned that, that former Sinegorsk residents live and serve on the territory of Crimea.

This was confirmed by many letters and messages asking to watch the film., which our team received by email (see the link below): SCREENSHOT OF THE LETTERS

We are pleased to invite everyone to watch a documentary about their native village of Sinegorye at the festival “Saint Vladimir”. SEE THE POSTER BELOW for the location and time of the show..
Besides, We suggest you pay attention to other films, presented at this festival. The organizers select good, social, spiritual and moral, interesting and relevant cinema for its viewers. Many films are intended for family viewing.
Free admission. Festival website: http://st-vladimir.ru/

Origin: Saint Vladimir, Film Festival, between despair and hope, Anna Barsukova, Sinegorye, Crimea, Magadan