The Magadan premiere of the film took place at the Pushkin Library

30 September in the Magadan Library named after. A.S. passed Pushkin film screening “Fine Line” about the village of Sinegorye. The cinema hall was full. Among the spectators were past and present residents of this village..

Spectators followed the story closely, shown on the screen, reacted emotionally, some were crying. After the screening of the film, a heated discussion took place.

“In the example of our heroes, we see caring people. They care, what is happening to their small homeland. Difficult living conditions only unite northerners, make them feel a strong connection with each other and not lose hope that the situation will improve. No wonder the film is called “Between Despair and Hope”, – moderator Dmitry started the discussion.

They talked about the veracity of the film, about the difficulties of life in Kolyma and, Certainly, about the fate of the village itself, which, instead of the planned city, has now turned into a small settlement... The spectators lamented that, that a place dear to their hearts had fallen into disrepair and expressed hope for the revival of the Kolyma outback.

The event was attended by representatives of the Magadan Boarding Home for the Elderly and Disabled., cultural and pedagogical community, students, wide audience, and also one of the heroes of the film – Ruslan Krysenko.

“Anna mirrored the events, acutely sensing a request for a topic, exciting society. Time has passed, and it was necessary to comprehend the events of 30 years ago. The North must be revived!», – commented Ruslan Krysenko.

“Such films are very necessary.. They need to be shown to the country's leadership, to convey the message about the need for changes and improvement of life in the village. We care, what is happening to our Motherland", – one of the discussion participants emotionally commented.

According to the organizers of the show, the event helped viewers expand their understanding of the significance of historical events and their impact on modern life. Social cinema promotes the development of empathy and respect for the problems of other people, makes you feel included.

“Social cinema is in great demand now. By talking about real problems in works of art, you can try to find a solution, overcome differences, correct the injustice", – The library employee agreed with the opinion of the majority of those present.

In addition to historical events, Anna Barsukova’s film touches on the topic of humane treatment of older people. The heroes of the documentary also included wards of the “Home for the Elderly and Disabled” and social work specialist Oksana Shapoval.

The staff of the “House for the Invalids” daily surrounds those with care and attention., who urgently needs it. According to guests, the friendly staff of the boarding house became a real “family” for them, nurses and co-workers – "soul mates", prolonging the desire to live.

«(…)Director Anna Barsukova showed two opposite states(…) Despair – symbolize empty houses and abandoned infrastructure facilities. A symbol of hope in the film there was a small eight-seater plane and a small church, located in the center of our village (…) Maybe, that's why the movie is called Fine Line», – прокомментировал участник дискуссии и житель Синегорья Максим.

IN 2023 году кинолента "Fine Line" стала участником и лауреатом многих киноконкурсов. Список наград размещён по этой ссылке.

Социальную кинокартину, в качестве просветительского проекта, также смогут увидеть студенты колледжа МОГАПОУ «КСиТ» 3,4 and 5 October.

По словам документалиста Анны Барсуковой фильм станет доступен для просмотра в Интернете не ранее 2024 of the year.

Автор фото: Фаттахова Полина

Origin: Magadan, Sinegorye, between despair and hope, показ, библиотека имени пушкина, Anna Barsukova, премьера, fine line, anna barsukova, heirs


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