Festival “The front line” will present a film to Rostov residents “Fine Line”

❗Screening of a film about Sinegorye in Rostov-on-Don❗The international festival of documentary films and media projects will be held from 28 November to 1 December 2023 year in Rostov-on-Don. Movie "Fine Line" became a festival participant The front line and will be shown 30 November in 10 hours at the Horizon Cinema & Emotion, hall 16. We invite everyone to receive a free ticket, register on the site in two clicks: GET A FREE TICKET

main idea, which brings together the works of the International Documentary Film Festival and Media Projects “Frontline 2023” - opposition between light and darkness, struggle and peace, success and failure, like on a real battlefield, and the souls and minds of the heroes. Every voice, every look, every word can give hope, strength and faith, become a source of inspiration and change the world.

Movie stills “Fine Line”